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Our Story

With same educational backgrounds and totally different professional fields, we compliment each other in a unique way.

Educational Background:

Alumni of one of the top B-schools in the country, IIM Indore.

The pioneers of IPM batch, the first ever 5-year Integrated Program in Management by any Indian Institute of Management.

Undergone a holistic development through courses in domains like arts, science, economics, performing arts, maths etc for first three years followed by management and domain-specific knowledge in the last two years.

Specialisation in the field of Sales and Marketing.


Professional Qualifications:

Our team has a combination of an entrepreneur who is expert in digital marketing and an analyst who has worked in the fashion industry.

We have a hands-on experience in content creation, promotion, sales and marketing be it digital marketing or offline marketing.




Know Us


What’s DA? The initials of my name.


Bio: 23 yrs old, typical Delhi girl. Life is full of dreams, smiles, tears and mysteries yet I cherish every moment like the end day it is to be alive.


Status: Co-Founder of Soul For Style with experience in fashion industry


Passion: Freakingly crazy about Travelling, Fooooood and Fashion.


Mojo: Keeping promises until the end is my mojo.


Well this is me and remember, This is just the beginning coz "Picture abhi baki hai mere dost"






What’s AD: My name


Bio: In 24th year of my life, A deadly blend of Chandigarh, Delhi and Haryana.

Love, Adrenaline and Music are my drugs that keep me alive.

I never lose the opportunity to learn, play sports, Travel whenever

 possible and enjoy every single moment of life.


Status: Co-Founder of Soul For Style. CEO of a digital marketing start-up

 and an entrepreneur/innovator by nature.


Passion: Football is my game and Guitar to calm me down. A die-hard dog lover and lifelong Anime fan. Always sees life through the lens as the focus is a necessity.


Mojo: Work hard and party harder.


Quote:  "It's going to happen because I'm going to make it happen"



Here, at Soul For Style, we believe each soul is unique and hence we provide customised products across categories like home décor, wall art, posters, stickers etc.

We are a premium brand that provides designs, especially handcrafted to let your place reflects your true persona.


"YOU! Be the Designer"