Wheatstacks End of Summer Claude Monet Painting

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The wheatstacks in the painting stood 15-20ft tall just outside Monet’s Farmhouse in Giverny. This artwork is a part of series, he created on the wheatstacks followed by poplars. Art Institute of Chicago has the largest group of wheatstacks in the world.

100% Handmade Painting


Claude Monet




Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois, USA

About Artist

Claude Monet was a French painter who was born in Paris on 14 November 1840. He was a master of impressionist style of painting. In 1865 Monet’s two paintings which were marine landscapes were chosen by Salon, an annual juried art show in Paris. One of his most critically acclaimed work is “Impression, Sunrise" (1873). He continued with his impression style and produced several series like Haystacks and Poplars. He also painted multiple paintings on the water lilies. He spent last days of his life in his house at Giverny, France and finally died there on 5 December 1926.