Rishikesh: A Note to Self

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We try to find happiness in the monetary achievements in life but we end up be-fooling ourselves. When young and free we end up wasting our lives in things that don’t even matter, with people who won’t even remember us when we die. We are somewhere lost in this rat race. With thousands of thoughts running in my head at a speed of light and clutter of emotions, I woke up suddenly realizing it was all a dream and was in my subconscious mind.

It was early morning. I peeped out of the window and opened my eyes to see the ray of the sun. The cool breeze touched my face gently. There was moistness in the air and I could feel the freshness in the atmosphere. Chirping of birds, splashing of waves, movement of the wind, screeching of the tires, it was so calm that I could actually hear myself breathing. It felt as if the entire land of Rishikesh was welcoming me.

Rishikesh the holy land of Yoga, Pilgrimage and adventure sports is magnificent. It has a unique vibe which no other place can ever replicate. On rocky terrains, with river on one side, my bus was making its way to the hotel. Fighting with the thoughts running in my mind I reached my hotel which was situated on the bank of river Ganga.

Everybody loves complimentary services and so do I and thus changed quickly for the morning yoga session. The sand was cold and the sky was filled with sunlight. Trying to introspect myself I closed my eyes and got completely lost in meditation, followed by some asanas of Yoga like Chakrasana, Dhanurasana, Surya Namashkar. I never felt so light ever before.

Trip to Rishikesh is incomplete without some masti, water sports, party on the beach and lot more. So, after freshening up I decided to challenge myself and face my fears in the form of river rafting. Sitting in the center of the raft I was scared, but there was an adrenaline rush as well. Every time a wave came it drenched everyone completely and sometimes the boat was also turned upside down. Thanx to GoPro we captured every moment. After the adventure, I filled my stomach with some food which was available on the banks of river itself while drying myself up in the sun.

The day passed by. The warm sunny day got turned into cold starry night. When we fired sky lanterns near the river, the sky got lit with thousands of fireflies. The river was unexpectedly calm yet looked scary at night. The atmosphere was very lively. At a close vicinity, a troop of foreigners were getting high and we were playing games like antakshari, truth and dare while some of my flirty friends grabbed the opportunity and joined them. (Har ek friend kamina hota hai)

Drained of energy, we all lied down on the sand and gazed at stars the whole night. Suddenly, I started to feel blessed and had a smile on my face with satisfaction in my heart. I was feeling lucky that I came to Rishikesh and finally had a chance of self-introduction. This land changed me for better and taught me that small moments together make large memorable moment.   

Next morning came in as a new start to an improved me. I was happy and content. I did not want to leave the place but was tremendously excited for a new beginning. When I came here I was stuck in my own thought process, self-created problems and what not, but when I entered this holy land I completely forgot about everything and was breathing a totally different air. And now while going back I was smiling, my head was much lighter and I made a promise to revisit this mysterious land of yoga, meditation and memories.

Oooooooooooooops wait a second I forgot to take gangajal for my mom. I am dead now. God save me!!!



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