Chandigarh: From the Bird Eye

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An art piece of Le Corbusier the swiss-french architect, Chandigarh a part of tricity (Chandigarh-Mohali-Panhkula) is one of the most beautiful and clean places in India. The quality of life and people is on another level in this small place. In today’s hectic life where everyone is busy in a rat race the aura of Chandigarh brings positivity and motivates every soul to live and be happy.

Wake up the wanderer in you and visit Chandigarh while travelling to Shimla or Manali as it acts as a stop point and has well-planned infrastructure and transportation. Make the drive on “Gerri Route” of chandigarh, the best time of your life. (Young, Wild and Free….:D)

Use your Sherlock brain and remember the sector pattern to reach where you want to. But remember sector 13 was erased from the route map at the time of city planning. (Some stories are best left unsaid…SHHHHHHHH) So, don’t get lost.

Every sector surprises you in its own unique fashion. 

Experience China in the noodles of sector 15.Relive your childhood by tasting home-made ice cream behind sector 17th market.Tickle your taste buds with butter chicken at Pal Dhaba in sector 22 and street food at Garg Chaat in sector 23 market.

Driving on the roads of Chandigarh and not listening to Punjabi songs, impossible. So, keep your playlist of songs like Chandigarh kare ashiqui, Chandigarh waliye, Jida Chandigarh lagda na tere bina jee, etc. handy.

Just close your eyes and listen to the chirping of birds, music of the rain pouring, rustling of leaves, guitars of your heart…:P as there is no noise pollution.

When in Chandigarh be like them and call your drives ‘Bult’ or ‘Kiney’. Come across the VIP numbers on vehicles as Punjabis leave no stone unturned especially when it comes to ‘tashan’.

Don’t get offended if people address you with ‘Ma Di, Bhen Di :P,or Vehlla, Ghaint, Kaim, Khajjal as this is their way of expressing love.

Don’t you dare, Drink and Drive coz otherwise the ‘Mamé so called Cops will show no mercy.

Neelam, Nirman, Kiran, Jagat, Batra, Piccadily are some of the memorable places that have transformed themselves completely.

Dedicate one morning for breakfast around the Sukhna lake and enjoy delicious breakfast in the lap of nature, that will surely make your day.

After satisfying breakfast, head towards Rock Garden which is only few kilometres away from lake and experience the creation of dyal chand with waste and scrap. It will be a rollercoaster as there are lots of narrow rock tunnels inside and some rocky terrains too. The garden is full of mosaic formations of various art forms, designs and animation which are very interesting to look at.

Experience the Magic when hundreds of windchimes hanging on a metal tree rustle at the same time in Zakir Hussain Rose Garden with sweet and unforgettable aroma.

Just open your arms and calm your mind and this trip to Chandigarh will be no less than a trip to wonderland for you.

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