How to enjoy home sweet home

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It is not about the sofa, chairs or lazy boy. Every location at home requires a perfect seating blind. Just imagine yourself at home imagining the kind of seating you want in front of Netflix, not in your balcony. Then go for the purchase. But keep one thing in mind to not purchase any chair or sofa without sitting in it first.

Certain seating looks beautiful and ideal for a photoshoot, but ask yourself... Is it comfortable when you sit? Do your feet touch the floor? Does the fabric feel comfortable? Is it good quality?

Reviews are great but don’t rely on the reviews of others since we all come in different body types and sizes. Keep in mind that even lazy boy is uncomfortable for some.

Save Cause they said it changes when the sun goes down
Yeah, they said it changes when the sun goes down
They said it changes when the sun goes down
Around here
Around here
-Arctic Monkeys

It is true with lights also especially when we have the ability to change the intensity of the lighting at the home. Lights influence the atmosphere and become the fastest way to make a room feel more comfortable.

Even dim lighting in the bathroom helps in better digestion. Ya whatever, but just imagine bathroom light dimmed and candles all around.
Having normal lighting? You can use multicolour polybags to create the dim light effect. If you can't, consider lamps that have a dimmer switch already installed. The lamp in my living room has this feature.

Save More than drinking it gives a warm feeling. Again sorry but wrapping your hands around a mug makes us feel relaxed. Plus every break time has an ideal warm drink time like the morning with coffee, lunching time tea and evening green tea.

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